Public Computers

The Library offers access to public computers for library patrons as well as the general public. All computers are connected to the internet and all include the Office Suite of programs. Time limitations will be enforced if other patrons are waiting.

Library Internet Use Policy

Printing/Copies and Scans

Printing is available from library computers in black and white and full color. Prints cost $0.20 a page for B&W, $0.50 for color and must be paid for at time of printing. Wireless printing is not available at this time.

A scanner is available for sending documents to eMail. We do not offer faxing services.


Wi-Fi is available at the library.

Technology Instruction

The library sometimes offers free monthly technology classes throughout the fall and winter months. Typically if you are having technology issues or would like to learn how to use a device, software, or an app, you can call ahead for a one-on-one tutorial.