Is there Wi-Fi?
Wi-fi is available inside the building during open hours. Wi-fi is available outside the building 24/7 and extends to the parking spots on Front Street and the beach behind the library. The library’s wi-fi network name is ‘SBBDL’ and there is no password.

Can I use a computer?
Public computers are available for use. There is a two hour time limit on computers with one renewal if no one is waiting.

Can I get help on the computer?
Staff may assist library users in getting started a computer. Because of the many different applications available on the Internet, staff may not be able to provide specialized or technical knowledge about a particular application.
The library staff is trained to use the library’s website, the library’s app and digital collections. Users who need training on library software or digital collections should request an appointment.

Are there technology classes?
The library offers monthly classes on different technology topics in the spring and in the fall. These classes are free and no registration is required.

Can I make a copy? Print?
There is a copier available for public use. You can print from one of the public computers or by sending a document to The library does not have wireless printing. The cost is $0.20 per black & white sheet, and $0.50 per color sheet.

Can I fax something? Scan something?
The library does not have a paper fax machine. The library’s copier can scan a document to an email address or to a flash drive. There is no charge to use this feature.

Copyright Notice
The copyright law of the United Sates (Title 17 U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using the equipment is liable for any infringement.

Computer & Internet Use Policy