Because the Library is a public institution dedicated to the access to ideas representing various points of view, the library’s meeting room is available for lawful use by all groups regardless of their beliefs or affiliations. To sign up to use the community meeting room, contact the library at 271-3512. All groups are welcome within the following conditions:

  1. No fees or donations may be charged or solicited by the user.
  2. Programs  or exhibits may not disrupt the use of the library.
  3. Persons attending meetings are subject to all library rules.
  4. The room will be put back in an orderly and clean condition.
  5. Users will pay to repair any damages to facility.
  6. Booking is on a first come, first served basis however library use always has priority.
  7. Granting of use does not imply endorsement by the library of the user or the user’s beliefs.
  8. The meeting room is on the lower level and has limited access. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure access to meeting to participants.