The mission of the Library is to provide quality materials and services that support the educational, informational, cultural and recreational needs and interests of the community.  In keeping with this mission, the Library provides a Community Meeting Room that is available by reservation when not scheduled for Library use.
-Community Meeting Room reservations may be made in person or over the phone.
-Reservations are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis, with Library use having first priority.
-Reservations cannot be made more than 90 days in advance. The Library will not accept reservations until the Library programming calendar has been completed.
-The Community Meeting Room is available for reservation 8am-8pm Monday through Friday and 8am-2pm Saturday. To reserve the room outside of regular Library hours, the User must have a library card in good standing.
-Reservations are for a maximum of 4 hours. No User may use the Community Meeting Room more than 8 times per month.
-To cancel a reservation, users must provide notice to the Library in person or by phone ahead of the reservation start time. Repeated no shows or cancellations may result in future reservation requests being denied.
-The Community Meeting Room may not be used for purely social or commercial events.
-Users shall observe all rules of conduct applicable to Library patrons.
-From the front entry of the library building, room access is by stairway to the lower level. A stairless, paved path is also available in the back of the library building.
-Maximum occupancy of the room is 23 people.
-Requests for use of audio/visual equipment, tables, chairs and any equipment owned by the Library must be made at the time the room is reserved.  The Library does not guarantee the availability of any equipment or provide set-up, clean-up or technical assistance of borrowed equipment.
-Users of the Community Meeting Room may serve light refreshments, but only if approved by the Library at the time of reservation.
-No fees are charged for use of the Community Meeting Room, except those resulting in a failure to clean up or any damages to the room, contents or borrowed equipment. Monetary donations are gratefully accepted.
Community Meeting Room Policy