Adopted August 2021
The Suttons Bay Bingham District Library (“Library”) is subject to the provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”).  The ADA requires that no qualified individual with a disability shall, on the basis of a disability, be denied the benefits of local government services, programs, or activities.
I. Policy: Reasonable Accommodations
Accordingly, reasonable accommodations may be made in accordance with the law.  Individuals needing special auxiliary aids or services or other reasonable accommodations for access to Library programs, services, activities or meetings should contact the Library a reasonable time in advance of the needed service, program, activity or meeting in order that arrangements may be made.
II. Policy: Reasonable Accommodations Dealing with Wheelchairs, Mobility Aids, and Other Power Driven Mobility Devises
A. Wheelchairs, Mobility Aids, and Other Power Driven Mobility Devises (“OPDMDs”) are only permitted by those who require them because of a disability.  All other uses of OPDMDs inside the Library are prohibited.  The Library is permitted to ask the person using the device to provide a “credible assurance” that the device is necessary because of a disability.  The Library Director or his or her designee shall obtain such credible assurances if required.
B. OPDMDs shall be permitted in all areas where patron pedestrian traffic is permitted.
C. OPDMDs shall be operated at the speed of walking pedestrian traffic, which is approximately 3 miles per hour.
D. OPDMDs that use a gas or combustion engine are prohibited from operating inside of the Library.
E. When not in use, OPDMD’s must be left by the coatrack near the circulation desk.
III. Grievance Procedure
This Grievance Procedure is established to meet the requirements of the ADA.  It may be used by anyone who wishes to file a complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of disability by the Library in the provision of its services, activities and programs.  Please note that the policy applies to patrons and users of the Library.
A complaint should be in writing and contain information about the alleged discrimination such as name, address, phone number of complainant and location, date, and description of the problem.  Alternative means for filing a complaint, such as personal interviews or a tape recording, will be made available for persons with disabilities upon request.  A complaint should be submitted by the grievant or his or her designee as soon as possible but no later than 15 business days after the date of the alleged violation to:
Suttons Bay Bingham District Library
Attn:  Library Director
416 Front Street
PO Box 340
Suttons Bay, MI 49682
(231) 271-3512
Within 15 business days after receipt of a complaint, the Library Director or designee will meet with the complainant to discuss the complaint and possible resolutions.  Within 15 business days of the meeting, the Library Director will respond in writing and, when appropriate, in a format accessible to the complainant, such as large print or audio tape.  The response will explain the position of the Library and offer options for substantive resolution of the complaint.
If the response by the Library does not satisfactorily resolve the issue, the complainant or his or her designee may appeal the decision within 15 business days after receipt of the response to the Library Board.  After receipt of the appeal, the Library Board shall hear the appeal and notify the complainant in writing and, when appropriate, in a format accessible to the complainant, with a final resolution of the complaint.
All written complaints received by the Library Director or the Suttons Bay Bingham District Library Board of Trustees will be retained by the Library for at least three years.