When is the library open?
The library is open for inside or curbside service Monday-Wednesday from 10am-6pm, Thursday from 10am-7:30pm, Friday from 10am-4pm and Saturday from 10am-2pm.

How do I return library books?
Please return your books and other library materials directly to the inside or outdoor book drop when you are finished using them.

Why was the library entryway remodeled?
After careful consideration, the Library Board of Trustees approved the remodel of the library’s main entry during their July meeting. The project consists of adding a covered walkway addition to the main entry of the library and the purchase of a new outdoor drop box. The purpose of this project is to provide a safer, more versatile and attractive entryway for each and every patron that walks through the library’s front door. The uncovered walkway was frequently icy and constant salting and exposure to the elements caused so much wear on the former drop box that a replacement was needed. The covered walkway will also provide protection from the elements to patrons as they walk from the on-street parking spots into the library building for a safe and welcoming entry, particularly for patrons using strollers, wheelchairs and the like. Construction began on August 22 and was completed in mid-October. A bid of $49,995 was accepted from Easling Construction to serve as the general contractor. Funds for this improvement project were from a portion of the library’s budget that was not spent during a period of reduced services in the previous fiscal year due to the pandemic, and a generous donation from the Friends of the Library.

How does curbside pick-up work?
Contact the library to request library materials in advance. You can request books, magazines, movies, audiobooks, music CDs, copies and even print-outs for curbside pick-up. When you arrive at the library, staff will bring your materials to you in your vehicle.
1. Place holds for items by using your online library account or by calling the library at 231-271-3512. Library staff are available to help you by phone during open hours. Holds made on available items one day will be ready by 10am the next day, and often sooner.
2. When you arrive at the library, call 231-271-3512 and let staff know you are ready to pick up your items.
3. Staff will bring your items out to your vehicle.

Do you offer Home Delivery of library materials?
Yes, we offer home delivery service of library materials to homebound library patrons. If you or someone you know are in need of this service, please contact the library.

Is it true that you have Little Free Libraries?
There are three Little Free Libraries maintained by the Friends of the Library. They are located behind the library on the TART trail, at the Bingham Township Hall and on Center Hwy and Shady Lane Market on M-22.

What is MeLCat Interlibrary Loan?
MeLCat Interlibrary Loan service is available for library cardholders. If you would like an item that is not available at the Suttons Bay Bingham District Library, you can request it from another library to be delivered to SBBDL through www. mel.org.

Can I get eBooks?
The Up North Digital Collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks is available 24/7. Here’s a quick guide to getting started with the Libby app for our digital collection.
What is Libby?
TumbleBooks, a digital collection for kids, is available 24/7.

Is there Wi-Fi?
Yes, Wi-Fi is available inside the building during open hours and outside the building 24/7. The network name is ‘SBBDL’ and there is no password.

Can I use a computer?
Public computers are available for use. There is a two hour time limit on computers with one renewal if no one is waiting.

Can I print?
You can print from one of the public computers or by sending a document to print@sbbdl.org. We do not have wireless printing.

What about the Community Meeting Room?
The Community Meeting Room is available by reservation.  Contact the library to reserve the meeting room.

Do you have programs?
Please check our events calendar for current offerings.

Are you taking book donations?
The Friends of the Library take donations of books & media during scheduled Book Donation Drop-Off Days only. Do not put donations inside the book drop, leave them at outside the library or drop them in the lobby.

Do you have books for sale?
There is a small ongoing book sale corner at the library with all proceeds going to the Friends of the Library. There is also a free magazine shelf. Please ask library staff about the book sale corner and free magazine shelf. The large Annual Book Sale is held by the Friends of the Library in August, in conjunction with the Suttons Bay Art Festival.

Still have questions?
Give us a call at 231-271-3512. You can also email Library Director Danielle ‘Nellie’ Danke at director@sbbdl.org.

[updated 1/03/2024]