Library Entry Remodel Begins

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After careful consideration, the Library Board of Trustees approved the remodel of the library’s main entry during their July meeting. The project will consist of adding a covered walkway addition to the main entry of the library and the purchase of a new outdoor drop box. The purpose of this project is to provide a safer, more versatile and attractive entryway for each and every patron that walks through the library’s front door. The current, uncovered walkway is frequently icy and constant salting and exposure to the elements have caused so much wear on the current drop box that a replacement is needed. The covered walkway will also provide protection from the elements to patrons as they walk from the on-street parking spots into the library building for a safe and welcoming entry, particularly for patrons using strollers, wheelchairs and the like.

Early construction is projected to start on August 22 and a completion date in October is expected. An alternative entry is planned for the south side of the building, near the bus stop, for use during construction.

Larry L. Graves will serve as the project architect, and a bid of $49,995 was accepted from Easling Construction to serve as the general contractor. Funds for the project will come from a portion of the library’s budget that was not spent during a period of reduced services in the previous fiscal year due to the pandemic, and a generous donation from the Friends of the Library.

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